Terms and Conditions

1. Website shoppingusa.co is a broker when buying products in U.S. according to customer orders on their behalf to outsource products from e-shops in U.S. and transported to the virtual address of the customers in U.S., and provides transportation of goods from the virtual mailbox address to the home address of the client. We are not sellers and suppliers of products but Provider or a person who carries out the orders of customers for delivery of products and related services to customers under general conditions for Provider ("Service" ).

2. Information and the current offer on the website of the provider is for informational purposes and providers can’t guarantee the completeness, timeliness, accuracy, authenticity, availability and compatibility of the products so that all data on the offers are received from public sources available through the Internet and all the information listed there are regarded as derived from third parties. Customers have full responsibility to determine the timeliness and validity of the offers before they make a purchase. All trademarks and copyrights listed on the site are reserved to their legitimate owners, which means that all logos of brands displayed on our site are for information only and all rights belong to their owners, i.e. Page www.shoppingusa.co has nothing to do with them.

3. Rights of client for usage of the profile (virtual mailbox) and fee for service, after full payment for the order by the website provider. In case the customer fails to pay fully for the service, the service provider is authorized to temporarily keep the products or to cancel the service until they pay the full value of the service. The provider is responsible for payment of services which includes buying products, packing, forwarding to customers home address which charge a percentage of the total amount of products. Customer is required to notify us if there is any change in its requirements.

4. Provider rents temporary virtual address (virtual mailbox) in U.S. to carry out procurement of goods for commercial and noncommercial clients, and for its use. Products placed in the mailbox, you must comply with laws and regulations that apply in all states that regulate the manner of acquisition, possession, use or transport hazardous materials, weapons, drugs, etc..

5. Provider reserves the right to open any orders received and repacked in smaller packages suitable for storing and forwarding to customers. The provider will use properly selected methods for collecting orders and forwards them to there home address under the terms of service. Customer acknowledges that the provider may request payment of storage if more than the specified period of storage of goods in Virtual mailbox and it can be destroyed after three months of issuing the invoice for transport to there home address, or require additional fees for late payment of fees for services after current price list.

6. Guarantee is based on the given guarantee. Usually guarantee in U.S. is only 1 year of new goods. Customer acknowledges that certain types of goods are not compatible with European technologies and standards, and the provider is not responsible for these differences and is not obligated to reimburse or replace the goods.

Customer acknowledges that the amount of any complaint, including the cost of shipping the goods back to the store are of his burden. The provider of service with the cooperation will assist the client in implementing the appeal.

If the damaged goods arrives at customers virtual box, the provider will notify the client about it and request a refund of the products. And that may delay shipping the products

When a customer orders products with ASSISTED Shopping service, the provider guarantees repayment of the amount insured by the client in the loss or destruction. This warranty applies to goods sent by carrier in U.S., and forwarded to the final destination, the fee will be in the amount of insured value by the client and can reach a maximum of 2500 U.S.

Customer acknowledges that Provider is not responsible for damage and loss of goods in transit, the customer has the discretion to insure the shipment and that the deadlines for delivery listed on the site are not guaranteed because the service provider uses the services of third-party companies and automatically the rules and conditions of these companies applys.

7. Return products and recovery of amounts paid. To return products, directly apply the rules for "Return Products" from the store from which they purchased, plus the cost of transportation from America to customer’s home address and vice versa - it is charged to the client. Recovery of amounts paid is possible if the products that the customer ordered and paid can’t be purchased or can’t be deliver outside the U.S., then consultation with the client a refund can be make minus $ 10 for bank charges OR using full amount their next order

8. Provider can not guarantee the outcome of the clearing of Customs and Taxes of goods.

9. Protection of data. The provider collects personal information only to perform services and will not publish such information to third parties other than subcontractors needed to perform such services (sellers of goods, transport, public authorities, etc.). Handling and storage of personal data is provided by law.

10. Buyer agrees to these rules in full, and by registration he confirmed reading these Terms and agrees that these GENERAL CONDITIONS implicitly follow.  

11. General rules and conditions come into force immediately

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