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Have found many good products online, but when you want to buy you will see that they are not sold outside of U.S., or that the postage is too much? Just a few clicks and within our services you will have a real address in America. Real opportunity to gain access to the entire U.S. market. We protect you of potential risks and offer effective solutions to save on transportation.

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It is very easy:

1. Just Register for free and get your online account - Virtual mailbox. Along with the account you have a real address in U.S., which will be used for your orders.

2. In your Virtual mailbox you can create orders, track your shipments, and you can enter instructions for forwarding to your home address.

3. After payment for purchased products and our fee you have finished your order.

Your shipment will be mailed to your home.

Fees of services



  • Registration of virtual box to create the opportunity for purchase and delivery of products to address in America is FREE.
  • If you are ordering as " ASSISTED Shopping " we will give you guarantee payment for the purchased products that are lost or destroyed within 18 days from the specified reasons. This warranty applies to goods sent by carrier in U.S. to our warehouse. With this we want to save time while we resolve the reasons with carrier. (The amount is limited to the sum insured);
  • Warehouse space - UNLIMITED.
  • Storage for 45 days - FREE.


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